Welsh Fabrication

Laser in action The owner and founder, Michael Welsh, has over 46 years in the business. Prior to the foundation of Welsh Fabrication & Design, Michael developed and supervised the growth of a company that he was a partner in for 26 years. This included all design work, product development, research and purchasing of all machinery, sales, marketing, employee development, and basically all issues relating to the day to day operation of a precision sheet metal facility.

Michael has designed and built many different types of products through the years, from formula race car chassis and parts, to vending machines.

Laser The general manager of Welsh Fabrication & Design is Kevin Edwards, who also has over 40 years in the industry, including the operation and management responsibilities for several companies over those years. Kevin and Michael have had an excellent working relationship for the past 23 years. Parts

All this combined experience was applied to the ground up development and construction of Welsh Fabrication starting in late 2004. Our facilities list is one of the most extensive in Orange Co. for a medium sized company.

Our capabilities include all types of fabricated parts and assemblies, from electronic chassis and cabinets, medical industry enclosures and components, aircraft and aerospace parts, automotive parts, irrigation enclosures, etc.